A collection of resources for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and people living with HIV (PLHIV).

The Full 360 - Overview

The aspiration of The Full 360 is to achieve an overall health status for PLHIV that is as good as, or perhaps even better than, the general population. The following resource provides an overview of the Full 360 initiative.



The Full 360 Expanded Aspiration

The Full 360 expands the current vision of 90-90-90, with the ultimate goal of lifelong good health. View the new aspirations for HIV care in the following PDF document



The Full 360: A presentation resource for healthcare professionals

Download a short PowerPoint presentation on The Full 360. We invite healthcare professionals to use this information for local meetings and educational initiatives.



Understanding the expectations of PLHIV

In the following videos we speak to PLHIV and HIV clinicians about what makes a great doctor, what they want to discuss and the future of HIV care.

What makes a great doctor? Perspectives from PLHIV

PLHIV and HCPs come together to discuss the attributes that they believe make a great HIV doctor.

This campaign, ‘HIV is: Just a part of him,’ encourages HCPs in the field of HIV to go beyond communicating HIV viral load as a measure of health, and include discussions about ways to maintain good health in every clinic visit.


What do PLHIV want to talk about during a clinic visit?

PLHIV and HCPs come together to consider the key health issues they want to discuss during regular appointments.


What should future HIV care look like?

PLHIV and HCPs come together to discuss the future of HIV care and how important a holistic treatment approach is now and in the future.


Health concerns of PLHIV

Everyone living with HIV has a different story and set of experiences. Here, we share individual experiences about being diagnosed with and living with HIV.

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