The Full 360 launched at AIDS 2018

July 2018: at AIDS 2018, significant attention was devoted to ‘The Full 360.’  With a global prevalence approaching 37 million1 and an average age that continues to grow,2 more and more focus has been given to the lifelong good health of people living with HIV (PLHIV).

For several years, many countries have been aspiring to the ‘90-90-90’ targets set by UNAIDS in 2014: to get 90% of PLHIV diagnosed; 90% of those diagnosed to be accessing treatment; and 90% of people on treatment to have suppressed viral loads by 2020.Given that PLHIV have an incidence and onset of co-morbidities that creates a health gap with the general population,2 the expanded aspiration in HIV now focuses on viral suppression AND lifelong good health.

In addition to focusing on factors that contribute to quality of life (e.g. lifestyle counseling, management of psychosocial issues, food, shelter and security), there is now a greater scrutiny of antiretroviral therapies (ARTs) that can either contribute to or help to avoid the early onset of co-morbidities.4

With the global community focusing on prevention, viral suppression AND good health, the drive towards the ultimate elimination of HIV is a greater reality.

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